Why are there separate sections for Billing Information and Subscription, shouldn't these be together?

The Billing Information is maintained at the account level and applies to any subscriptions on the account. The Subscription information is maintained at the vehicle level. This allows you to have more than one vehicle on your account with differing renewal periods for each. Soon, CarLink will offer GPS services which will drive further variation in subscriptions at the vehicle level.

Does the service plan give me unlimited use?

Yes, the service plan gives you unlimited day-to-day usage of the CarLink system in the United States. There are certain restrictions that apply per the End User License Agreement related to misuse, abuse or fraudulent activity.

How do I activate my CarLink system?

Your CarLink system is activated and ready to go after your dealer installs the hardware and fully tests the system using the online dealer tools. Your dealer will provide you with three things necessary to add your vehicle to your CarLink account:

  • Link to download the software to your mobile phone.
  • SIM card holder.
  • 4 digit pass code.
After you download the software your first step is to create an account using your e-mail address and a password you select. After creating your account you will add your vehicle to your account using the number from the SIM card holder (also known as SIM ID) and the 4 digit pass code. You are now ready to use CarLink system.

Can I control my vehicle from more then one Smart Phone?

Yes. Simply download the CarLink app and enter your established user name and password.

Can I use CarLink with more than one vehicle?

Yes. CarLink can operate multiple vehicles from one application and as long as it is installed into each of the vehicles and they are added to the same account.

I registered multiple vehicles on my account but how do I access them from my phone?

Simply go to your menu>Select Vehicle> then select the vehicle you want to control.

How do I change the name of my vehicle?

From the Main Menu of the app click on Settings > Vehicle Settings > Edit Vehicle Name.